SBE Information Desk

The SBE Information Desk (this is not the International Relations Office) is located in the entrance hall of Tongersestraat 53. This desk is open every working day between 10.00 hrs-16.00 hrs.

You can turn to the Information Desk if you:
• want to pick up the academic calendar, course assignments of the current academic year, etc.;
• want a printout of your grades;
• have to hand in your re-examination, writing assignments, course assignment, etc.;
• have to register for the inspection hour of the open questions of course exams, etc.;
• want to inspect the answer keys and feedback on comments on exams;
• wish to make an appointment with any of the student advisors;
• need to make an appointment with a Coordinator Incoming Students, or with Ms Ploumen (Head International Relations Office). 

SBE Student Advisor/Academic Counselor 

SBE is very committed to a proper coaching of all of its registered students, including exchange students. The Student Advisor/Academic Counselor is the School’s first person you contact if you have study and student related questions and/or problems. He or she can advise you or, if necessary, refer you to other specialists at UM. If your study here does not work out the way you hoped, or if your tutor gives you a warning, if the results are (a little) disappointing, or if illness or other personal circumstances cause problems with your study here, do not wait too long and have a confidential meeting with one of SBE’s four Student Advisors/Academic Counselors. All phone calls and conversations you have with the Student Advisors/Academic Counselors are strictly confidential.

Mensa Academica Maastricht (MAM)

MAM, or Mensa for short, is UM’s student and staff restaurant. For lunch and dinner the Mensa offers a broad assortment of foods and all kinds of snacks, salads, drinks and hot meals. Every day there are two different kinds of hot meals to choose from, plus a vegetarian version. Hot meals are also served in the evening hours, except on Fridays. At the Mensa you are advised to pay with your UM card.


 Via ICT-Service Centre you will find information about the general ICT facilities that are used within the university.

Computer Rooms
SBE maintains two computer rooms at Tongersestraat 53: rooms E0.01 & E0.03. In these computer rooms 41 personal computers are available for SBE students. These computers are intended for training purposes or short-term use (less than 2 hours) only. Also, computer facilities near the main entrance of Tongersestraat 53 (in the SBE Lounge) can be used. For longer computer use, please visit the University Library. The Computer Rooms are open on normal working days: Monday through Friday, from 8.30 hrs - 17.00 hrs unless reserved for workshops or courses.

 The following rules apply to the computer rooms at SBE:
• only accessible for students registered at SBE;
• smoking, eating, drinking, pc-chatting and playing of PC games is not allowed in the computer rooms at SBE. Penalty: if you are caught your account will be disabled for a minimum of one week;
• you are not allowed to move hardware;
• please notify the computer room manager if a computer or part is broken;
• you pay for your printouts with your UM Card. If you do not have a UM card you cannot print or copy, ask a fellow student for help and then pay them for the copies you made;
• please clean up your desk before you leave;
• if you damage a computer through irresponsible or forbidden use, or damage the computer room in any other way, you will have to pay for the resulting costs;
• the computer room manager has the final word in unforeseen circumstances;
• if you leave your computer unattended for 10 minutes or more you will be logged out automatically so that other students can use your computer.

Data Space
Every student has his/her personal space (50MB) on the server to store data. This space is labelled as the I-drive and can be found as usual under 'My Computer'. Since this I-drive is restricted to your ID-number (e.g. i123456), no other person has access to it. Of course it is always possible to save on USB (or disk). All data that is not saved on your I-drive will be lost after a shutdown, reset or computer failure. Therefore, never store any data or software on the other drives without the permission of the manager.

Wireless network
In the SBE lounge you can use the wireless network. More information on WiFi can be found on the manuals section of the ICTS home page Create a connection > setup wireless on. > choose your device from the list and follow the prescribed instructions. 

Copying and printing 

myPrint: Flexible, cost effective & sustainable The print services at Maastricht University are managed by ICTS and supplied by Ricoh. The multi-function printers (MFP’s) print practically anything in colour or black & white and can also be used with mobile devices. They are environmentally friendly and deliver affordable products (for UM and for students). This website contains more information on how to operate the MFPs, how students get print credit and how to print from home.

Quick Service Point (QSP) and copying

You can go to the Quick Service Point for special copying services such as copying onto A3 format, making colour prints, binding of reports etc. You can also buy your stationary (pens, notepads, markers, folders) at the Quick Service Point. At the copy shop you can only pay by UM card or Dutch debit card. Please note that when you use your UM card to copy, you should press “STOP” at the machine when you are done copying; otherwise you will lose all the money loaded on your UM card. 

University Library

The University Library has two locations: the Inner City Library and the Randwyck Library. In addition to being a well-equipped study location, the University Library is also an attractive meeting place for students. In both locations of the UM Library you can use the wireless network. 

Student Guidance

At UM you are expected to be independent and take care of your affairs yourself. However, there are times when you need a little help. UM employs specialists who can provide this help. Find more information here.

Psychological support (UM student psychologists) 
You can consult a certified psychologist if you have:
• study related problems like study stress and fear of failure;
• psychological complaints such as anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, stress-related complaints, lack of confidence, problems dealing with traumatic experiences.

The student psychologist can give you individual guidance, or you can decide to take part in group workshops (in Dutch and English):
• Fear of Failure, Study Efficacy, Loss and Mourning, Assertiveness
• Workshops on Stress Management and Time Management

UM Student Deans
The Student Deans can help you if you have questions about:
• your rights in case of a study delay because of illness, pregnancy, family circumstances;
• studying with a functional impairment;
• membership of a council, board, committee or membership of the board of a student organisation;
• other questions concerning your rights as a student. 

Disability support at UM
It is important to Maastricht University - and so to SBE - that students with a functional impairment can successfully complete their studies with as little hindrances as possible. UM’s definition of a functional impairment incorporates all disorders that are of a permanent or temporary character. Amongst these are all motor, sensory or psychological disorders, but also non-visible disorders, such as dyslexia, chronic illness, physical complaints, depression and so forth. The UM Service Desk Disability is available to students (with a functional impairment), prospective students, student counsellors, teachers, parents and others who are interested and offers:
• information about studying with an impairment, legal entitlements, (UM) regulations and external organizations;
• advice;
• support, e.g. by advising study facilities;
• help with requesting (education) facilities;
• assistance addressing complaints and problems with regard to this topic.

As an exchange student you should be aware of the fact that if you need to request special arrangements due to a disability, the SBE rules count and these might be different from the rules at your home university. No exceptions can be made. If you have been granted a special arrangement, you will be informed on your UM email account about the rules with regard to your special arrangement(s).

Student Law Office Maastricht
The Student Law Office Maastricht is an organisation for and by students. If you need legal assistance, they can help you for free. 

Confidential advisor
Maastricht University as a whole actively pursues a policy against undesirable behaviour at the workplace and in the study environment. Undesirable behaviour includes at least sexual harassment, aggression, violence and bullying, and discrimination. The confidential advisor is there to provide assistance and support if you are the victim of the undesirable behaviour of others. The confidential advisor is the person who helps you if you want to take your complaint further. The confidential advisor acts only if you consent. If contact needed, you can call the UM confidential advisor Ms Wendy Geijen (+31- 6 28 03 50 33) or send an e-mail to

Next to the students guidance offered at UM and SBE, students can also refer to the City Hall Maastricht (in Dutch: Gemeente Maastricht) which deals with a wide variety of legal and bureaucratic issues. The most common for students are registration at the city and driver’s licenses. They do not issue residence permits! 

Student Services Centre (SSC)

The Student Services Centre (SSC) is the information centre for (prospective) students and has a number of specialized service units for student-related issues. The SSC has a central information desk located in the Visitors’ Centre at Bonnefantenstraat 2. Opening hours are Monday-Friday 08.30 hrs - 17.00 hrs. For more information, consult our webpage, call +31 (0)43-388 53 88 or send an e-mail to

Visitors’ Centre and information desk
The information desk in the UM Visitors’ Centre at the SSC is the first point of contact for current and new regular students (exchange students always report to the IRO). They provide the following services:
• Help with admission and (re)registration;
• Deregistration;
• Changing of address;
• Payment of tuition fees;
• Reimbursement of tuition fees;
• Providing proof of payment and proof of enrollment;
• Help with Studielink application;
• UM cards;
• Housing services;
• Appointments with student deans, student psychologists, and career services;
• Information on and help with visas, scholarships, bank accounts and (health)insurances;
• UM gifts.

Student Administration
Admissions & Registrations Office
The Admissions & Registration Office assists (prospective) bachelor and master students with their application and registration procedure. They provide information on diploma evaluation, admission procedures, admission requirements such as sufficiency tests for courses and languages and deregistration and graduation. For any questions regarding admission or registration, please contact them via: +31 (0)43-388 53 88 or e-mail:
Opening hours are Monday-Friday 08.30 hrs - 17.00 hrs.

Visa Office
The Visa Office helps prospective and current students with obtaining, changing and extending visas and residence permits.

Scholarship Office
Prospective and current students can obtain information about scholarships (UM High Potential and scholarships, UM China scholarships, OTS scholarships, the Erasmus programme, Cultural Agreements, NFP). E-mail:
For any questions on visas or scholarships, please also visit the website:

Student Life
INKOM August 21nd - August 25th: INKOM 2017.
The INKOM is the general introduction week for all freshmen of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. The Werkgroep INKOM (Taskforce INKOM), organizes this introduction week. In five days you will get acquainted with the city that will be your student city for the next semester or year.

Studium Generale
Studium Generale (SG) offers a programme of academic lectures & debates and an On Stage programme. With the lectures and debates SG reveals a wider experience of the sciences and of society. The On Stage programme presents a variety of activities such as concerts, comedy shows, student performances, theatrical performances. There is also an opportunity for students to perform on stage. SG offers the possibility to expand your horizons and learn about other aspects of knowledge. 

Which activities does Studium Generale organise?
• Lectures and debates. The foundation of cultural, scientific and social issues. Free admission, no obligations, gain insight into topics outside your study;
• SG On Stage. Pop Music, World Music, Comedy, Theatre and Student Performances (Open Mic, Battle of the Bands etc.) Great ambiance, exciting performances;
• Short lecture series. In series of six lectures topics are addressed that contribute to the academic education of students, for example on Consciousness, Legal Psychology, Human Rights and Philosophers of the Twentieth Century;
• Debate Café. A meeting place for scientists and university students. The café provides an opportunity to debate in an informal atmosphere. With live music.

The activities of SG are announced in the “Studium Generale Brochure”, which is distributed within Maastricht University and in various public places, bars, etc.
More information: and

Student chaplaincy - The Innbetween
The Innbetween is the ecumenical chaplaincy in town. They are part of the Student Services Centre and offer a wide range of activities: social gatherings, discussion groups, debates, lectures on topics related to religion, philosophy, ethics, global issues and humanitarian questions. All these activities are moments of lively encounters with students from all over the world and from different faculties. There is no membership. Catch a glimpse of what is going on beyond your horizon at The Innbetween! More information:

UM Career Services

UM Career Services supports students to get prepared for their future careers and to make considered study choices. The services include workshops, information, advice, counselling and career events.

What does UM Career Services offer:
Online Career Library On our website, through the 'Online Career Library', you can find:
• Links to websites offering information and tips regarding careers, internships and study in the Netherlands and abroad;
• Downloadable books on career options and international top employers;
• Country guides offering job search tips and information on living and working in different countries abroad.

Individual guidance
• Quick Career Advice (QCA); short interview to explore your career and study questions or to have your CV and letter checked;
• Career counselling; in-depth guidance on all your questions about career and study choices by one of our career counsellors;
• Job Interview simulation; one-on-one interview, video-taped and evaluated afterwards, preparing you for a current application.

Offered monthly in Dutch and English. Examples of workshops: job interview, CV & letter of application, discover your competences, networking & personal branding, employment contract & negotiations, assessment training and choose your Master.

Vacancy database
Internships, graduate jobs, student jobs, voluntary work and vacancies for alumni.

Career events
Lectures, presentations, company visits, etc. In cooperation with study associations, alumni and faculties. All these services are free of charge, with the exception of workshops and the job interview simulation (€ 15). UM Career Services assists UM students up to six months after graduation. More information:
To make an appointment call +31 (0)43-388 53 88

UM Sports

Student sports = UM SPORTS. University sports at their best: affordable, relaxing, open, challenging and international. For more information refer to