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SBE has around 144 exchange agreements with universities and institutions in 38 countries all over the world. On a yearly basis, approximately 750 Maastricht students spend part of their studies within an exchange programme, and about 700 exchange students visit SBE.

All of these students need administrative and social support, which is provided by the International Relations staff. The special IRO Desk can be found next to the Information Desk in the main hall of Tongersestraat 53. Every weekday from 10.00 hrs to 11.30 hrs somebody from the Incoming Students Team will be available for all your study and exchange related questions. If you have very specific (academic or personal) questions you can always make an appointment with one of the Incoming Students Coordinators via the IRO Desk or the Information Desk or you can choose to talk to one of the SBE Student Advisors/Academic Councelors. 

Emergencies are:
• personal accident involving hospitalisation;
• death in the family;
• accidents of a criminal nature (e.g. you have been robbed).  

Not an emergency:
• missing a course registration deadline;
• you have a terrible headache;
• you have a fight with a roommate;
• you have a test and forgot to study.

For more information about the IRO check the incoming exchange students webpage


 (after 17.00 hrs/weekends/holidays):  +31(0)43-388 44 44